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Microsoft.NET (C# and ASP.NET)

This is a comprehensive course that teaches how to develop web applications using C# and ASP.NET.

It mainly covers C#, SQL Server, ADO.NET, ASP.NET (Web Forms), ASP.NET MVC, Web API, LINQ and Entity Framework.

Prerequisite C Language and SQL
Theory Fee (Classroom) Rs. 5500/- (Includes printed course material)
Theory Fee (Online) Rs. 5500/- (Includes digital course material)
Lab Fee for Classroom Students Rs. 1000/-
Digital or Physical Certificate Fee Rs. 200/-
Software Required
  • Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 Community Edition

.Net Framework

  • What is .NET Framework
  • Component of .NET – CLR and Library
  • Introduction to Visual Studio.NET

C# Language

  • C# Language elements
  • Object oriented programming with C# - Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • Properties and indexers
  • Automatically implemented properties
  • Interfaces, Structures, Enumeration
  • Assemblies, Namespaces and Access specifiers
  • Partial classes
  • Partial methods
  • Exception Handling
  • Extension methods
  • Delegates
  • Lambda expressions
  • Generic classes and methods
  • Dynamic lookup

.NET Library

  • Standard types such as Object, String, StringBuilder, DateTime etc.
  • IO Streams – Stream, FileStream, StreamReader, File, Directory etc.
  • Collection Classes – ArrayList, HashTable etc.
  • Generic based collections – List, Dictionary etc.


  • Introduction to Web Applications
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Understanding architecture of ASP.NET
  • Creating ASP.NET Pages – Web Forms
  • Working with web controls – Button, Textbox etc.
  • Postback and ViewState concepts
  • Enabling viewstate for individual controls
  • Different type of List controls
  • Validation controls
  • FileUpload
  • State Management – Cookies, Sessions and Applications
  • Handling session and application events using global.asax
  • Error handling in ASP.NET , Tracing and debugging

MS SQL Server

  • Introduction to SQL Server 2008
  • Working with basic SQL
  • T-SQL Functions – Numeric, String, DateTime, System
  • Programming constructs of T-SQL
  • Stored procedures
  • Stored functions
  • Triggers


  • Understanding ADO.NET provider model
  • Connection to SQL Server, Oracle and MS Access and other databases
  • Command and DataReader objects
  • Working with parameters
  • Working with disconnected data using DataSet, Datatable etc.
  • Transaction management with ADO.NET
  • Calling stored procedures from ADO.NET
  • Introduction to DataBinding
  • Data binding with List controls
  • Working with SQLDataSource control
  • Working with GridView


  • Understanding MVC - Model, Controller, and View
  • Working with Controllers and Action methods
  • Working with Views
  • Forms and HTML Helpers
  • Data Annotations and Validations
  • Layouts, Script and Style bundles
  • Implemeting AJAX using jQuery
  • Using AjAX Helpers
  • Security Implementation - Authentication and Authorization
  • Caching - Output and Data


  • What is LINQ
  • Query Operators and Query Expressions
  • Accessing Colletions using LINQ
  • Using LINQ to SQL to access and manipulate database

Entity Framework

  • What is Entity Framework?
  • Different approaches to modeling
  • Entity Life cycle
  • Using DBContext and DBSet
  • Quering using Entity SQL and LINQ to Entities
  • Handling relationship between entities
  • Dealing with Object graph
  • Lazy and eager loading
  • Executing native queries and calling stored procedures
  • Introduction to Inheritance support in EF


  • Creating RESTful services using Web API
  • Using JSON as result
  • Supporting different HTTP methods
  • Using jQuery to access Web API