This website allows users to order for books online and pay cash when books are delivered, i.e. Cash On Delivery(COD).

It allows user to do the following:

Architecture Of the Project

This project uses JavaServer Faces 2.2 to build the interface. Managed Beans talk to DAO (Data Access Objects), which talk to database using JDBC.

So overall architecture is - JSF 2.2 UI Components -> Managed Beans -> DAO -> JDBC -> Oracle Database.

It uses JavaMail to send mail to user when user places an order.

Products and frameworks used in this project

Steps to download and deploy this project

  1. Download booksforcod.rar. The .rar file contains the entire source code for the project. Unzip the file into d:\ so that d:\booksforcod folder is created with all the components of the project.
  2. Start Eclipse.
  3. Select File -> Import option .
    Select General and Existing Projects into Workspace. Select the folder into which you extracted project (d:\booksforcod).
  4. Place .jar files related to JSF 2.x , Java Mail, and Jdbc Driver for Oracle in WEB-INF/lib folder.
  5. Create books account with password books in Oracle11g Express Edition. This must be done after you log in as SYSTEM user. Then create tables and sequences listed below after connecting to Oracle as books. These commands are also present in tables.sql file in your project source code.
  6. Run faces/home.xhtml. Search for books by title. Add books to cart and test the rest of the options.