PersonalDiary.Com Using JSF 2.2 + Hibernate

This website allows users to add entries to their personal diary online.

It allows user to do the following:

Architecture Of the Project

This project uses JSF 2.2 + Hibernate. It uses DAO (Data Access Objects), which talk to database using Hibernate.

So overall architecture is - Facelets -> Managed Beans -> DAO -> Hibernate -> Oracle Database.

It uses JavaMail to send mail to user during password recovery.

It uses HTML5 validation and jQuery to validate user input.

Products and technologies used in this project

Steps to download and deploy this project

  1. Download personaldiary.rar. The .rar file contains the entire source code for the project. Unzip the file into c:\ so that c:\PersonalDiary folder is created with all the components of the project.
  2. Open the project in NetBeans 7.3
  3. Go to properties of the project using popup menu. Select libraries node and delete Oracle .jar file using Remove button. Then add - Oracle - ojdbc6.jar from your system using Add Jar/Folder option Libraries node.
  4. Create personaldiary account with password pd in Oracle11g Express Edition. This must be done after you log in as SYSTEM user. Then create tables and sequences listed below after connecting to Oracle as personaldiary. These commands are also present in tables.sql file in your project source code.
  5. Run all/login.xhtml.
  6. Click on Register link and register as a new user.
  7. Test other options