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As the New Year dawns we all are trying a change a thing or two. I know some say what’s the big deal about New Year? Yes. I agree. Change can take place anytime. New Year is just a good time to think and start making a change for better.

I have heard people saying “I think all know what I know, so what’s the point in writing about it or talking about it”. Be it about a new website or a book or even way of doing things, there are always people who don’t know what you know. At least it doesn’t harm you to share your knowledge with others, irrespective of whether others know it or not. If others ridicule and say you provide stale news that’s their nature, but your intention is pure. So be proud of it.  I don't want to hold myself back thinking you know what I know. So I have decided to write about things that I found interesting. This piece of information may be useful to some readers. So here I go.

I have come across a magazine called “Frozen Thoughts”. It is all about how one should live life to have quality life. I came to know about it from my friend, Manmadh, who also gifts me subscription to this magazine.

I found this magazine amazing with wonderful articles. Many of my friends who read this magazine expressed the same opinion. My favorite of all is “Unposted Letter” by T.T. Rangarajan. Find more details about magazine at

I suggest students to read it and learn how you can make your life more beautiful. Imagine how much more will be the benefits if you can learn a trick about life at the age of 20 instead of 40. You can make 20 years of your life better.

Have a wonderful year. Each day is an opportunity. So make the most of the opportunity.


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Posted By Sagar On 04-Jan-10 06:59:26 PM

Sir, what can i say about this article? --> its "heart touching"
Every day is an opportunity in life --> i can say its a universal fact.

I want to be excel both in my Professional and Personal Life. I personally feel its a good thing to subscribe "Frozen Thoughts" --especially for me.

Sir! u got a nice gift 4m your frnd for this new year.

Thanking you Sir, for giving valuable information to your students.

Posted By chaitanya On 07-Jan-10 01:46:46 PM

Thank you sir, for this information.

Posted By Janardhan On 18-Jan-10 01:28:34 PM

Dear sir,

Thanks for giving the advice and i opend the site it seems good till i have to read more.



Posted By shanmukha On 18-Feb-10 02:00:41 PM

sir, thank u for giving valuble information ........thank u

Posted By manogna On 19-Feb-10 09:55:54 PM

Sir, its really great that u share ur feelings.
"Change can take place anytime" is true. I learnt something today after reading ur blog.
Thank u very much,Sir....

Posted By Chandru On 02-Mar-10 06:04:42 PM

Am very happy to tell everyone that,i started habit of reading magazine ,after i read"FROZENTHOUGHTS" once.when i was in college days i got this wonderful life guidance.They way writers using the sentences,vocubalaries,sentence formations,emotions,real life feelings,exposing each life stages feelings ,thoughts.....etc....

Really eyedrops led from eyes,while am reading some articels which are exposing past of our life stages.

First i have to say thx to god,for giving such writers to the world,and next to the "GREAT AND GREAT WRITERS".


Posted By Lakshmi On 13-Jul-10 06:36:54 PM

To me ,it always appears ,you ,as live example of something which goes like this..
"Dedication and responsibilty releases the power to attain the universal wisdom".

Posted By lingareddy On 09-Aug-10 05:14:32 PM

it is nice

Posted By Naveen On 19-Aug-10 05:10:01 PM

Hey Srikanth ... I read this book as well .. "OTHERWISE ... NO ISSUES" is an article by "frozenthoughts" and one more article Impressed me a lot from the same group but i dont remember the name .. Please do read this article as well "OTHERWISE ... NO ISSUES"


Posted By Suren On 26-Nov-10 05:53:10 PM

Bulls eye....!! I fully subscribe to your view that writing not only helps few other people who dont know what we know....BUT ALSO helps us to give some clarity of our own thought processes. Happy blogging....

Regards // Suren

Posted By vaishnavi Ramanujam On 03-Dec-10 09:26:37 PM

i have been a regular reader of this magazine when i am in india. most inspiring and value based. how i could continue this when i am in short stay i US

Posted By Pradeep Kumar On 10-Mar-11 09:40:33 AM

Can i get a sample copy on payment? Kindly confirm.

Posted By Lakshmi On 09-Jun-11 05:06:19 PM

Hi Pradeep,

You can get the copies in landmark , Odyssey, Nilgirs, and many other book shops in chennai....

Posted By sherief On 20-Aug-11 11:46:00 AM

This is nice and i am waiting for frozen thoughts to clear my ideas and life. Thank you.

Posted By Murali R On 06-Dec-12 07:28:50 PM

i want know about subscription Details

Posted By APARNA On 24-Feb-14 01:01:31 PM

want to subscribe for FROZEN THOUGHTS magazine

Posted By U.Sridhar On 12-Aug-15 09:04:57 PM

Very thought provoking magazine and light house for youngsters. Very interested to read he magazine.

Posted By Durgashanker sarada On 11-Feb-16 08:47:40 PM

I want to gift the above magazine to my grand daughter what are the annual charges and who is the seller can give the best price and address .
durgashanker sarada

Posted By Srikanth Pragada On 13-Feb-16 08:04:51 AM

This magazine is no longer called as Frozen Thoughts. It is called as Infinithoughts. For all details, visit :

Posted By Vijender On 23-Feb-16 05:49:52 PM

Really, Frozen Thoughts is wonderful book. It has inspired me. Hats off to Mr. Ranga rajan. I agree with Srikanth one should learn trick about life at the age of 20 instead of 40. So that one can make 20 years of life better

Posted By Shiny v thomas On 16-Apr-19 02:52:13 PM

Can you pls send sample copy of the magazine or any copy of thearticles. I am staing at Kerala thrissur.

Posted By Shanmugam Palaniappan On 10-May-19 05:31:41 PM

A Fantastic Magazine with more Thought Provoking Fabulous Verses in almost every article. Kudos to the Editor.

Posted By GLt.Col G P Kurup On 16-Jan-20 09:32:59 PM

A worth reading magazine . It is the best to read and learn. I wish to subscribe the magazine. Will you intimate the procedures.