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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers for most frequently asked questions about Srikanth Technologies and courses offered by Srikanth Technologies.

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What are the courses offered at Srikanth Technologies?
Click here to know the courses offered at Srikanth Technologies.
Who is the trainer for the courses?
Srikanth Pragada, the director of Srikanth Technologies, conducts all training programs in Srikanth Technologies. There are no other trainers.
Where can I find the course syllabus and course fee?
You can click on the course title in the Batch Schedule of Home Page. Alternatively, you can visit Courses Offered page and click on Course Structure and Detailed Syllabus tabs available for each course.

Please note our course fee mentioned in website is final and no discounts (except Loyalty Discount) are provided on any grounds. No discussion regarding discount is entertained. We value your time and request you to value our time.
How can I register for an Online Course?
When you are interested in any of the courses offered online, you have to send a mail to with course name you are interested in. We will send a mail with the link that enables you to join virtual classroom. You are allowed to attend 2 sessions for free. All courses will be password enabled shortly after commencement. You must make payment towards course to get password and continue to join virtual classroom.
How will I get course material as an Online Student?
For all online courses, no printed material is provided.

For C, Java SE and Java EE courses, course material is available on Amazon as kindle edition and you must buy that as we cannot share digital versions.

However, for some other courses, course material will be shared in the form of PDFs.
How to make course fee payment for Online Courses?
All payments should be made through transfer of funds using internet banking. Details of bank account are provided in Online Course Details Page.

Alternatively, you have the option of paying cash towards online course at Institute.
Can I deposit cash into account?
No. Depositing cash into account is not permitted. The only way to pay is either online transfer or cash payment at institute.
Will I get any discount on course fee?
10% Loyalty discount is offered to ONLY offline students who completed one or more courses in the past 24 months.

There is no other discount on course fee.

We treat all students at par. We are very consistent regarding course fee and other details as far as students are concerned because we do not want any student online or offline to feel deceived.
Is Loyalty discount applicable for Online Students?
No. Loyalty discount is NOT applicable for Online Students.
How can I interact during an Online Session?
You can post your questions and respond to questions posed during the session by trainer in the chat window. The trainer will respond to your questions whenever it is appropriate.

You must stay in mute mode all through the session.

Please note, if you turn on mic and cause disturbance to class your session is liable to be disconnected.
How can I contact for any programming issue I encounter or for any clarification?
Online students can write to Trainer through and Trainer will respond. If required, a meeting will be scheduled with online students to look into the issue via screen sharing to resolve the issue.

Offline students can take an appointment with Trainer or Trainer's assistant (call Institute for this) and carry their laptop to the institute.

Please provide code, error messages, and screenshots in the mail so that Trainer can use that to detect your issue quickly.
Can I attend Online if I registered for Classroom course?
We treat online and offline students differently.

So offline student CANNOT join online. However under special circumstances, offline students may be allowed to attend online for no more than 2 sessions.
Can can I convert from Classroom (Offline) to Online?
Yes. To convert from offline to online, one has to pay for course material received and forgo loyalty discount received, if applicable, as these facilities are exclusive to offline students.

After paying the necessary amount, offline student should send mail to to get link and password to join the course online.
How can I contact for a Corporate Training?
Please send a mail to with your requirement.

Visit our Corporate Training page to know more.
Can a Corporate Training be Live Online Training?
Yes. On-site or off-site training is provided according to requirements of the client.
Can the course syllabus be customized for Corporate Training requirements?
Yes. Training with tailor-made syllabus is provided according to the requirements of the client.
What is the training rate for corporate training?
Training rates depend on the topic and nature of training program – on-site or off-site. Please send a mail to with your requirements.
How can I get certificate for the course completed?
No course completion certificate is issued by default.

Digital Certificate for Online students and Printed Certificate for Offline students can be issued on demand at the cost of 200 INR.