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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers for most frequently asked questions about Srikanth Technologies and courses offered by Srikanth Technologies.

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About Courses

What are the courses offered at Srikanth Technologies?
Click here to know the courses offered at Srikanth Technologies.
Who is the trainer for the courses?
Srikanth Pragada, the director of Srikanth Technologies, conducts all training programs in Srikanth Technologies. There are no other trainers.
Where can I find the course syllabus and course fee?
You can click on the course in the Batch Schedule on Home Page. Alternatively, you can visit Courses Offered page and click on course structure and detailed syllabus link available for each course.

Online Course

How can I register for an Online Course?
When you are interested in any of the courses offered online, you have to click on Register link on the right of the batch that you want to register in the Course Schedule or send a mail to with course name you are interested in. We will provide the link that enables you to join virtual classroom to your email.
When should I pay the course fee?
Generally after 2 or 3 sessions, we protect the virtual classroom with password. So you have to commit to the course by then to get password and continue to join virtual classroom.
When do I get password for the course?
Once you commit to course by paying the course fee and filling the online admission form, we will provide password and course material by email.
How will I get course material as an Online Student?
We provide course material in the form of PDF.
How to make course fee payment for Online Courses?
For online payment modes, you can visit Online Payments page. You also have the option of paying in cash towards online course at the institute.
Can I deposit cash into account?
No. Depositing cash into account is not permitted. You can either make an online transfer or pay by cash at the institute.
Is Loyalty discount applicable for Online Students?
No. Loyalty discount is not applicable for Online Students.
How can I interact during an Online Session?
You must stay in mute mode all through the session. You can post your questions and respond to questions posed during the session in the chat window. The trainer will respond to your questions whenever it is appropriate.
How can I contact for any programming issue I encounter or for any clarification?
You can write to us on and response will be provided. If required, a meeting will be scheduled to look into the issue and resolve.
Can I attend Online if I registered for Classroom course?
No. Without password you cannot join online sessions and only online students are given the password.
Can I convert to classroom (offline) from Online?
Yes. You have to inform at the front-office that you are an online student but attending classes in person.
How can I convert from Classroom to Online course?
You have to forgo loyalty discount received, if you availed it.
Are there any guidelines regarding online course that student needs to follow?
Yes. You must read and strictly adhere to online student guidelines for smooth functioning of live online course.

Offline (classroom) Course

How do I join offline course?
You can join offline course by directly coming to the institute on the starting day of the course.
How do I pay for offline course?
You can pay in cash at the institute or even make payment online using any of the options mentioned in Online Payments section.
Can I use lab facility?
We do not provide lab facility. You have to practice on your own.
Do I get any course material?
For some courses we provide printed course material and for others we provide digital course material.

Corporate Training

How can I contact for a corporate training?
Write your requirement to us on Click here to know more.
Can a Corporate Training be Live Online Training?
Yes. On-site or off-site training is provided according to requirements of the client.
Can the course syllabus be customized for Corporate Training requirements?
Yes. Training with tailor-made syllabus is provided according to the requirements of the client.
What is the training rate for corporate training?
Training rates depend on the topic and nature of training program – on-site or off-site. Please write your requirement to us on for details.

Course Completion Certificate

Will I get course completion certificate after the completion of the course automatically?
No. We do not issue any certificate by default.
Can I get certificate, if I want?
Yes. You can ask for course completion certificate if you need it. However, this is an add-on service and will cost you 200 INR per certificate.
Do I have to take any examination to get certificate?
What kind of certificate do I get?
You can choose between digital certificate vs. printed certificate. However, for physical certificate you have to come to the institute and collect it on your own.
What details do I need to provide to request for certificate?
You have to provide your full name that should appear on certificate and batch details.
Where can I pay for certificate?
You can pay online or offline. In case of offline, pay at the institute and fill the certificate requisition form. In case of online, pay (refer to online payments section) and then send an email to us on with details.
How much time does it take to get the certificate?
Generally, it takes 24 hours to 48 hours.

Discontinuation and Refunds

Can I discontinue a batch and join next batch?
Yes. You can discontinue in the current batch and resume in future batch from where you discontinue the current batch. You must send an email communicating the same to us on or fill the discontinuation form at the institute.

Please note, you have to pay the difference in course fee, if there is any increase in course fee for the batch in which you are about to resume.

If you fail to intimate us about your discontinuation then it is deemed you completed the course and you will not be eligible to resume in another batch.
Can I drop out of a batch and seek refund?
As a policy, we DO NOT process refunds.
Can I switch from one course to another?
No, you cannot switch from one course to another.