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Books I Have Read

The following is the list of non-technical books I have read so far. In the journey called LIFE, I am trying to make myself better by knowing as many things as possible by reading as many books as I can. For me, BOOK is a sacred thing.

The list is not too big. But I know, one day it will be a big list. Of course the aim is not just to read, but to apply good things learnt from these books. I am trying that. I am in the middle of the process, but by no means at the end.

I am not including books related to my profession (software) as it is too big to remember for me.

I am also not including some of the books that I have started reading but for some good or bad reason didn't complete.

When it comes to buying book, I buy them at FlipKart.Com or I found them very interesting for two reasons. One they give discount, two they deliver at your door step relieving you from making a visit to books shop.

If you have read and found any other book extremely useful to shape yourself, please send a mail with the details to

The following list was last updated on : 22-Nov-2017

Currently Reading

I am currently reading the following book(s).

  • Connected: The Amazing Power of Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives - Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler
  • The Art of Public Speaking - Dale Carnegie

Non-Technical Books I have Read

The following is the list of books I have read in the past, listed in no specific order.

siddhartha.jpg oldmansea.jpg thank_you_for_being_late.jpg when_breath_becomes_air.jpg
warren_buffet.jpg talent_code.jpg willpower.jpg compound_effect.jpg
it_ends_with_us.jpg gravity_of_us.jpg 50_mark_zukerberg.jpg book_of_joy.jpg
hyperbole.jpg shoe_dog.jpg everyone_has_story.jpg one_indian_girl.jpg
elon_musk.jpg code_extraordinary_mind.jpg confess.jpg this_love_that_feels_right.jpg
zero_to_one.jpg best_wife.jpg think_and_grow_rich.jpg pride_and_prejudice.jpg
art_of_thinking_clearly.jpg the_da_vinci_code.jpg power_of_now.jpg most_more.jpg
light-from-many-lamps.jpeg how_google_works.jpg power_of_habit.jpg sachin.jpg
how_to_win_friends.jpg fault-in-our-stars.jpeg the-professional.jpeg half-girlfriend.jpeg
lovestories.jpg as-you-think.jpeg jonathan-livingston-seagull.jpeg like_it_happened_yesterday.jpg
can-love-happen-twice.jpeg i-too-had-a-love-story.jpeg ronaldo.jpeg wisdom_of_ages.jpeg
vayuputras.jpeg nagas.jpeg meluha.jpeg freakonomics.jpg
david-and-goliath.jpeg long-walk-to-freedom.jpeg talent_overrated.jpg life_is_what_you_make_it.jpg
connect_dots.jpeg how_happiness.jpg apj_abdul_kalam_journey.jpg stay_hungry_stay_foolish.jpg
wise_otherwise.jpeg auto_yogi.jpg mahashwetha.jpg behind-the-beautiful-forevers.jpg
hot_flat_and_crowded.jpg thetippingpoint.jpg attitudeiseverything.jpg stevejobs.jpg
rogerfederer.jpg lastlecture.jpg lancearmstrong.jpeg gopichand.jpg
fountainhead.jpg richdad.jpeg outliers.jpeg logicoflife.jpg
winningways.jpeg postivethinking.jpg lifeisnotfair.jpg menfrommars.jpeg
celestineprophecy.jpeg 7habits.jpeg goodparent.jpg blink.jpg
peaksandvalleys.jpg worldisflat.jpeg leadernotitle.jpeg youcanwin.jpeg
livingwithhonour.jpeg freedomisnotfree.jpeg monkwhosoldferrari.jpeg discoveryourdestiny.jpg
greatnessguide.jpeg greatnessguide2.jpeg betterindia.jpg ignitedminds.jpg
directfromdell.jpeg unpostedletters.jpg 3mistakes.jpg whomovedcheese.jpeg
thepresent.jpg thealchemist.jpg brida.jpeg tusedayswithmorrie.jpg