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Microsoft Certification

It is important to acquire industry certification to prove your knowledge in a particular technology provided by software giants like Microsoft, Oracle etc.

Course completion certificates provided by Institutes (including online one) are not proving much. So you can have them if you like, but they are not the means to prove you know enough.

If you are planning to be Microsoft Certified Solution Associate or Solution Developer then here is the road map.

The first link that you must visit is It is the starting point for your decision as it provides information about all certifications offered by Microsoft.

MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solution Associate) : Web Developer

This certification is the first step in proving your knowledge in developing web applications.

When you get MCSA: Web Developer certification, you are recognized as web developer with sufficient knowledge to build web applications using Microsoft Asp.Net MVC.

For more information about this certification, visit :

In order too acquire this certification, one has to complete the following exams:

Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

As mention in the title, it covers HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. You will never regret learning more of them. So this is a very good exam to take.

For more information about syllabus and other details, visit

Exam 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

This exam tests your knowledge of ASP.NET MVC. Microsoft ASP.NET MVC is the technology of present and future.

Getting through this exam proves you know enough of ASP.NET MVC. It is always a big plus in your resume.

For more information about syllabus and other details, visit

After completing this certification you can proceed to bigger title called MCSD : App Builder.

MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) : App Builder

After acquiring MCSA: Web Application certification, you can continue to acquire MCSD: App Builder certification by taking one more exam in the list of exams provided at

There are many exams that you can take but for web developers I suggest any one of the following:

Once you are MCSD then you are globally recognized and respected for your development skills.

Other Important Points

Here are some of the important points realted to Micrsoft Certification

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Posted By arshad On 20-Aug-17 10:06:54 AM

Thank you for sharing your experiences sir! Can you give a few suggestions as to how to learn? I am a third year student, and have a keen interest in coding! And my programing skills in c and c++ are manageable! Do you suggest me to learn new languages or brush up the two languages I know?

Posted By raviteja On 21-Aug-17 06:22:54 AM

awesome sir well said!!!

Posted By Jayasudha On 21-Aug-17 04:51:45 PM

Yes sir,nothing can be added to -" nothing works until you work" .excellent message sir.

Posted By Phaneendranadh On 22-Aug-17 05:54:39 PM

What sir said above is really correct and I am the example for that.
After 1st year of from A.u and during holidays time I joined Oracle and JAVA course .
Surprisingly I got job on ORACLE and now I am working in Oracle since last 4 years.

What I learnt from sir classes ,is still useful and using in the job.

Posted By Madan Neelapu On 04-Dec-17 11:10:41 PM

A true eye-opener...
Thank you sir. We all are in your debt.

Posted By kishore On 05-Dec-17 08:47:57 AM

nice suggestion it will helpful really