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Dictionary Application Using Java Swing

I have developed a simple Java Swing application to store words and meanings. It is a demo application to demonstrate the following concepts of Java. The application can be downloaded from here. It is an executable JAR file. So just download and run it by double clicking the .jar file. As menu frame is displayed, add words using Dictionary->Add Word option and store the dictionary using Storage->Save Dictionary option. Save Dictionary option saves the dictionary in dictionary.ser file, which is created in the directory where .jar file is installed.

Download the complete source code as a NetBeans 6.5 project. Unzip the dictionary.rar file and open it as NetBeans project to see the source code.

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Posted By Sagar On 13-Oct-09 10:59:19 AM

Nice to have this sir...

Posted By Chowhan On 15-Oct-09 09:11:43 AM

Sir it was very nice i observed each and every function and step i learn a lot of new API from that thanks a lot and i put tooltiptext message to buttons in toolbar

Posted By Pradeep A N S On 15-Oct-09 11:46:47 PM

Thank you for Providing this sir.

Posted By kiran kumar k On 17-Oct-09 06:25:00 PM

nice application...thank u sir

Posted By hemanth On 20-Oct-09 11:00:34 PM

Thats incredible application

Posted By Ganapathy Arvindan On 06-Jan-10 03:18:02 PM


have u conducting any online courses related to Spring and Oracle DBA


Posted By sandeep On 01-Mar-10 04:18:26 PM

sir,this application is good.and one can learn a lot about API from this application.fine, sir iam developing a gui application and where i want to perform spell check in my application can u please tell me how to perform spell check in an java application.iam using swings and IDE is netbeans.

Posted By RAJU On 17-Aug-10 12:05:23 AM

thank u sir !!!

Posted By pankaj On 24-Nov-10 08:06:43 PM

this is very nice sir.i have used this software and showed to other also .sir can you please tell how to create a executable jar file

Posted By subhani On 24-Feb-11 08:15:03 AM

well good

Posted By Alexis On 18-Oct-11 07:13:38 PM

I just find this app and it's very nice and very helpful for me .
I have a question . I have a .txt file with 60.000 words and their definitions . How can i add all of the in your application ?

Posted By tham On 16-Apr-12 04:34:27 PM

java dictionary is good

Posted By fatma On 20-Jun-12 08:25:43 AM

thanks alot

Posted By masum On 29-Jul-12 11:26:24 AM


Posted By sathya On 04-Oct-12 11:57:52 AM

thank u

Posted By 2013 On 28-Dec-12 05:57:22 AM

thanks for sharing.

Posted By faiz On 12-Jan-13 12:51:59 PM

thanks you sir

Posted By dhineshkumar On 11-Aug-13 08:02:04 PM

hi sir.. good morning. i am complete a mini project with mysql databases. i make jar file . i need exe file .how to convert jar file to exe file.which software to be used to convert exe file.. please help mw sir,please send the mail..

Posted By chandan On 15-Aug-13 11:31:46 PM

Thank you sir. I had given the topic as implementation of dictionary using java for mini project in our college. This application gave me an idea of how to implement it. I learnt many things from this app sir. I completed the project successfully sir. Thank you so much sir.

Posted By avinash kumar On 08-Sep-13 10:08:23 PM

i want to be guide about dictionary project in java using netbeans

Posted By dhruv On 14-Sep-13 09:56:33 AM

hello sir
this is nice.

my question is
can we develop same application for Gujarati language.
i am student and my project related to dictionary in Gujarati language like Gujarati Word Net.

please help me sir

Posted By saratha banu On 22-Sep-13 07:27:40 PM

i want codings for dictionary mail me

Posted By prabhu On 23-Sep-13 10:51:31 PM

thanku so much sir..

Posted By dhruv On 03-Oct-13 04:45:24 PM

hello sir .
this dictionary is very nice and good work.
but i need dictionary for gujarati language.

please help me sir...

Posted By R RAMESH On 10-Nov-13 11:33:50 PM

this website most useful in students...

Posted By priya On 30-Nov-13 08:30:57 PM

It was really so helpful.Thanks a lot for this.I want a more help from you..Can you tell me website for getting report on this type of Dictionary.Help plz

Posted By Dawlatzai On 21-Jan-14 09:35:56 AM

this is a good website and it improve the talent of student

Posted By subair On 04-Jul-14 10:02:41 AM


Posted By rukunujjaman On 07-Sep-14 04:14:03 PM


Posted By or savoeun On 02-Dec-14 12:14:56 PM

i want to a Oxford Dictionary that my teacher give assignment do. please help me.

Posted By Atousa On 06-Jan-15 10:32:53 PM

It's very nice application.
I Like it.
please some description about source codes

Posted By vinod On 17-Mar-15 12:14:09 PM


Posted By dulanjaya On 04-Apr-15 12:32:44 PM

tnx sir.........

Posted By am On 27-Oct-15 10:36:47 PM


Posted By reyad mahabub On 15-Nov-15 09:08:20 PM

thank you,sir

Posted By yehualashet On 28-Jan-16 05:55:27 AM

thank you!!!!

Posted By yehualashet On 30-Jan-16 03:26:23 AM

thank youuuu!!!!

Posted By NSM On 09-Jun-16 03:12:31 PM

It`s awesome. thank u sir. it`s very very helpful. good job :-D :-D

Posted By shanthi On 14-Jun-16 11:52:14 AM


Posted By Tony Lee On 21-Sep-16 12:43:27 AM

Thank you.

Posted By Peter On 28-Oct-16 12:26:43 PM

Very good

Posted By ABDUL On 27-Dec-16 07:46:39 PM

how will i get the code.

Posted By Zwe Htet On 06-Aug-17 10:02:06 PM

Useful, sir

Posted By vadivelan On 30-Dec-17 11:11:45 AM


Posted By sintayhu On 12-Feb-18 07:23:59 PM


Posted By baboy D. not On 21-Feb-18 11:42:19 AM

i like it

Posted By Ajay Tomar On 13-Apr-18 02:53:45 PM

Can i get a pre-built .ser file of a good size dictionary. I figured i can load it from classpath and then use it as a dictionary database.

Posted By mati On 26-Apr-18 11:13:40 AM

it is very nice