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How to fix Tomcat " is not recognized"  problem in Netbeans

I have just installed NetBeans 8.0.2 along with Tomcat 8.0.15 that is part of NetBeans bundle.

After creating a web application as I try to deploy the application, it threw error and Tomcat window in Netbeans shows the following error:

'' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
After some searching in Internet, I found the issue and solution. I have seen this error with some other versions of Tomcat also. As it may be a problem other are also having, I would like to share steps to fix this problem. Follow the steps and your Tomcat will be up and running.

Hope this is of help to you.

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Posted By jaggu On 01-Jul-15 11:34:42 AM

thnq sir.....

Posted By Akshit On 04-Jul-15 11:11:38 AM

I tried to do so. I am using Administrator account still it is showing a window saying... Access is denied.
Can you help me out.

Posted By Srikanth Pragada On 19-Aug-15 11:35:45 AM

When you invoke editor (like notepad), right click on it and select option Run as administrator so that the editor with administrator privilege. Then modify catalina.bat and save changes.

Posted By treaky On 01-Sep-15 09:10:46 AM

1 September 2015. this solution still working. thanks

Posted By kunal On 24-Sep-15 12:34:35 AM

thanks a lot this worked for me

Posted By Kevin Lobo On 26-Sep-15 11:11:38 AM

Appreciate the effort you put into making this post (:
Thank you.

Posted By aman On 28-Sep-15 01:35:06 PM

thanks its very helpful..

Posted By Eddy On 30-Sep-15 09:15:36 PM

Thanks so much for your solution. It worked for me

Posted By Vladislav On 29-Oct-15 04:54:54 PM

Many thanks! It saved my time!

Posted By Ritusmoi Kaushik On 12-Feb-16 01:31:50 PM

Thank you very much... It's perfect...

Posted By Ansh On 03-May-16 09:15:58 PM

I have done this but still same error come.What should I do now?

Posted By Pradeep Kumar Soni On 28-Sep-16 06:03:11 PM

Thank U Very much. You Provide Very Clear and Exact Solution. Best!

Posted By ghassane On 01-Jan-17 07:16:57 PM

thank u so much dude, it worked for me

Posted By Mike On 15-Feb-18 05:49:49 AM

This fix just does not work for apache-tomcat 8.5.27 - the catalina.bat file does not have those entries; looks like this:

if not "%LOGGING_MANAGER%" == "" goto noJuliManager
set LOGGING_MANAGER=-Djava.util.logging.manager=org.apache.juli.ClassLoaderLogManager

rem Java 9 no longer supports the java.endorsed.dirs
rem system property. Only try to use it if
rem JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS was explicitly set
rem or CATALINA_HOME/endorsed exists.
set ENDORSED_PROP=ignore.endorsed.dirs
if "%JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS%" == "" goto noEndorsedVar
set ENDORSED_PROP=java.endorsed.dirs
goto doneEndorsed

Posted By mayur On 27-Dec-18 08:15:12 PM

Thank you.
It worked for me

Posted By Hakami On 02-Apr-20 02:28:56 AM

its not working for me i have tomcat 8.5.53
and the file catalina.bat has different entries.