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Looking back at 2022

Here is summary of events in my life in the year 2022. At the end of each year, I would like to look back and share important events of my life through this blog.

Entering into 2022

It was a small gathering of my family members and friends where we shared what we did in 2021 and what we would do in 2022.

We shared with each other what we achieved and did not achieve in 2021. It is a kind of retrospecting 2021 and also what we are looking forward to in 2022.

GYM - New Era

I had never been a Gym person. I always loved playing games.

I played a lot of Cricket during my college days and even after that.

I played and loved football the most. But it is a tough sport and the likelihood of getting injured is very high. So, I stopped playing football 10 years ago.

I started playing Badminton, which is all weather sport as I played indoors.

As my knees got weaker, my doctor advised me not to play Badminton as it puts undue strain on my knees.

Burning calories and keeping myself fit with some activity is of utmost importance to me.

So, after recovering from my knee injury, I joined Gym in the month of June and took one-year membership. I am enjoying every bit of it. I love the caption in Gym that says the pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.

Working out is not a cake walk. It pains and puts you to suffering.

However, it gives me immense satisfaction that I am doing something to keep myself healthy.

Trip to Srinagar (Kashmir)

I visited Srinagar in Kashmir in the month of September. It was a group of 6 families and 18 members in total.

We had been to places like Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonamarg near Kashmir.

We had a great time visiting places, riding horses and spending time together.

We had wonderful people looking after the transport, food and accommodation. We liked them very much and I am sure they liked us too as we never complained and treated them with respect.

The only negative is bargaining with Horse and Taxi people. I wish there were fixed rates for everything. That would make touring this place a lot simpler.

Trip to Australia

I and my friend visited Australia in the month of October. Needless to say, it was wonderful and vast land.

I had been to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Watched India vs. South Africa T20 world cup match in Perth.

Loved Rottnest Island near Perth the most and did a lot of cycling in that island.

Walked across Harbour Bridge in Sydney, had been to French Island and Phillip Island near Melbourne. Cutest of all was watching Penguins going to nest from sea at Phillip Island, which was called Penguins parade.

Of course, the 12 Apostles and Great Ocean Road were beautiful.

In Australia, you can't miss Kangaroos, Wallabies, Koalas and Quokkas.

New Courses Launched

The following are the new courses I introduced in this year.

Front-End with React

Web development has been changing from time to time. In the recent past, Web Applications are being split into two parts - Back-End and Front-End.

A UI library called React has got a lot of attention.

So, I designed a course that covers all topics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and React to a beginner of Web Development to build the Front-End of Web Applications.

For more details and syllabus, please visit Front-End with React.

Database and SQL for Beginners

Knowledge of Database and SQL is always important for all Developers and for anyone who uses Database.

I designed a course that covers Database concepts and SQL language using a simple database management system called SQLite, which is easy to install and use and at the same time fulfils the learning objectives of this course.

As I am not able to offer this course very regularly, I created a similar course and added to my on-demand video courses in .

Check out detailed syllabus of this course.

New Courses in

The following are new courses I added to my existing courses in

Database and SQL for Beginners

I created a new course - Database and SQL for Beginners, which gives you all the necessary knowledge to get started with Database and SQL. This course is primarily aimed at people who want to understand database concepts and write quality queries using SQL.

Java Interview Questions

I added more lessons (questions) to Java Interview Questions course.

New questions are more on topics like Lambdas, Streams and Generics.

Please visit On-demand Video Courses for complete list of my courses in

Other important events

Here are some other events of importance.
  • Had been to Sunray Village Resort for a nice break for 2 days and enjoyed riding cycle and ambience of the resort. We had been to that place a few times, but every time it feels wonderful.
  • Had been to Sterling Palavelli Godavari along with friends and family members and enjoyed our time in Swimming Pool.
  • Had the opportunity to train people in a few corporates and especially enjoyed working with team and trainees at ImagInnovate.
  • Pongal is always a nice break where I get to spend time with family and friends and Kite flying and Bhogi fire are always part of it.
  • Bought OLA Electric Scooter for Pranav.
  • Upgraded my phone from iPhone 7+ to iPhone 14 Pro.
  • Made kindle version of Python Course Material available in Amazon.
  • Did Giri Pradakshina of Arunachala Hill in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu


Here are blogs posted by me in this year in all categories.


The following are the videos I uploaded to YouTube in this year.

Books Read

I read 21 books (my target was 20 books) this year.

Well, this is the list of books I loved the most:
  • The Anthropocene Reviewed - John Green
  • Quite - Susan Cain
  • Numbers don't lie - Vaclav Smil
  • Can't hurt me - David Goggins
  • Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari
  • The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • No rules rules - Reed Hastings & Erin Meyer