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My MCTS (70-515) Preparation, Score Sheet and Certificate

I thought of going for Microsoft certification a few years ago. But I wanted a single exam with good content and that would give me certification straight away. When I found 70-515 (MCTS for Web applications development with .NET Framework 4), I wanted to go for it. The exam was made available only in july, 2010. I don't generally get enough time to prepare for a certification exam until November.

The exam would cost you USD 50. I paid INR 2350 for this exam. I booked it on 15th, Dec and took exam on 18th Dec. For more details about my experience with exam, please read my blog on that.

Regarding preparation, I knew it would be difficult considering the content of the exam and lack of information about the exam. So I took my own time and used the following material. Here are my suggestions. 

Score Sheet

Here is my score sheet that was given at the end of the exam by the Prometric Centre.

MCTS ScoreSheet


Here is the certificate provided by Microsoft from MCP(Microsoft Certified Professional) website.

MCTS Certificate

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Posted By sudha On 21-Dec-10 09:40:45 AM

Congratulations sir!

Posted By umamahesh On 21-Dec-10 01:15:04 PM

Congratulations sir.i think you are a great learner

Posted By Manogna On 21-Dec-10 05:36:46 PM

What a certificate Sir! Its very nice. Exam was made available in july, you booked on 15th, took it on 18th and passed with such an outstanding score! Extraordinary Sir! Congratulations once again.

Posted By swathi On 22-Dec-10 02:38:17 PM

Congratulations sir !!!

Posted By Madhu On 22-Dec-10 08:09:54 PM

Congrats sir

Posted By Gnani On 27-Dec-10 12:19:30 PM

Congrulations sir...

Posted By Subbarao On 27-Dec-10 10:57:34 PM

Congratulations sir!

Posted By R. Vasu On 02-Jan-11 11:28:39 PM

Hi sir,
!!Congrats !! But no surprise in this as you deserved for it. I wanted to become MCTS ( .net ) can you tell me what are the papers i have to attend.


Posted By sudha On 03-Jan-11 10:41:07 AM

wish you & your family "HAPPY NEW YEAR" ,sir.

Posted By sridhar On 05-Jan-11 02:38:04 PM

Congratulations Sir,
please give me guidelines how to prepare for the exam......

Posted By P.J.S.Srinivas Rao On 05-Jan-11 04:15:46 PM

Congratulations Sir....! Microsoft(being late) also joined into your account.

Posted By Naveen Sangana On 11-Jan-11 08:14:18 PM

Congratulations sir!!! :)

You push yourself on and on

Posted By yogesh On 15-Jan-11 08:21:01 PM

sir, i want to ask you somthing have you got this MCTS certificate through post or through mcp website????
please reply

Posted By LakshmiKarancheti On 19-Jan-11 09:18:12 AM

one more feather added to your cap.. No Surprise.. Keep going Sir!!..

Posted By Lakshmi On 21-Jan-11 07:26:18 PM

Hearty congratulations sir..........

Posted By anil On 05-Feb-11 07:14:45 PM

Yesterday I attended the first .net class and its really good....

Posted By mehwish On 02-May-11 09:21:36 PM

congrats on passing this exam. I am taking it in couple of weeks. Can you tell me how many questions were there and if it had any simulation type questions.

thank you

Posted By pradipta On 21-Jun-11 12:07:05 PM

congrats srikant, you have really done a good job...

i am planning to appear for the same for which i need your help .

Would request you to provide me your email address , so that i can ask my queries.

Posted By Ayan On 18-Oct-11 09:33:23 AM

Only giving 70-515 exam will give MCTS certificate.

Posted By Balasubramaniam On 15-Apr-12 12:10:43 AM

Hey srikanth congtas!

Could you please provide me the latest dumps for Frame work 4.0(MCST)


Posted By Sreenu On 15-Nov-12 03:38:00 PM

Congratulation sir,
I want ask something about this certification i.e what is pattern and how many Questions are asked

If any possible please send me the your materials and dumps please sir

Posted By Mahendra Varma K On 13-Feb-13 10:04:13 AM

Congratulations Srikanth.You done a great job with great score

Posted By navnit On 06-Aug-13 11:30:54 AM

pls sir give me tip for crash the mcts exam

Posted By Neha On 14-Oct-13 08:01:14 PM

Congratulations sir..i too cleared this exam with score of 918/1000..very happy :)

Posted By ahmed On 11-Dec-13 09:31:44 PM

I'll print my mcp certificate but I don't know how
please how can'I generate certificate file ?

Posted By Priya On 25-Nov-14 10:46:23 AM

what does "Needs development" below every bar mean in the score card ????

Posted By Lokanathan S On 02-Feb-15 11:03:31 AM

Congratulations Sir .....

Posted By snehal waghare On 12-Mar-15 03:45:53 PM

it is a nice wonderful certificate