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My New Honda City

Today I have taken delivery of my new Honda City. I was never really after Cars. My loved ones have been Books, Music and Sports. Still it is good to have a big car. Especially my family preferred Honda City to other cars in that segment. Why wouldn't I listen to them? They matter the most to me.

Today at 12:15 PM I have driven it out of showroom. I am blessed to have people who really feel happy to see me with a bigger car than the one I am using (I use Santro Xing. By-the-way Xing is a wonderful car. I enjoyed every bit of it). So I showed my new car to my father and in-laws first, before the rest of the world could see it.

My mother would have been very happy to see me with big car. Unfortunately she passed away 4 years back. She could see me with my Santro Xing and of course Tata Indica, which was my first car. But, I know, she would have been very happy to sit beside me in my new car. I owe a lot to her. She had been the lady who spent all her life taking care of the family. She was the reason behind me entering into IT field. I know from above she is watching and blessing me.

My new Honda City at Showroom

Just driven out of showroom. Outside the showroom

After car is parked at cellar

My Family with new Car

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Posted By shyam On 05-May-09 04:30:54 PM

congratulations on one of your best moments sir...
You r the Best of the Best"...

Posted By Samuel Pushpak On 05-May-09 06:37:21 PM

Congratulations!! Sir!!

Posted By Rajasekhar P On 06-May-09 10:58:38 AM

Congratulations! Nice Car. Seems preferring all things in black n white combinations.

Sir, you said sports is one of your loved ones. What sports do you play ?

Thanks for your mother for making Great Java Guru.

Posted By sudha On 06-May-09 01:05:33 PM

congratulations sir.wish u & ur family happy happy loooong drives in the new car sir.

Posted By karthik deepak On 06-May-09 06:55:25 PM

Sir, your new car looks damn cool.I guess u like white and black colors the most...
Congrats for ur new room and new car!!!

Posted By Srikanth Pragada On 06-May-09 10:02:52 PM

I have played cricket during my academic days. I have represented Vizag in under 17, under 19 and under 22 categories.

I have left cricket when i entered into computer world. But started my second innings a few years back. I play in local district league in B division for a club called Avengers. I am a wicket-keeper and 2nd down batsman.

I also play a little bit of soccer. It is very physical game. I love watching soccer to cricket.

Posted By Chowhan On 07-May-09 09:44:32 AM

Congratulations first and the last lines in your message are always happens sir. She will be always taking care to you and your family members from heaven, I am sure.....

Posted By d srinivas (dxn) On 07-May-09 07:30:12 PM

congrats sir!
best car for best sir ....

Posted By Aditya On 08-May-09 07:31:55 AM

luking cool sir

Posted By srinivasu namburui On 08-May-09 09:09:34 AM

really good news for you and your family. I hope your next target car should be BMW or BenZ 'A' class. All the Best.

Posted By satish On 08-May-09 12:03:17 PM

java guru,you are looking too beautiful with your family.happy long live sir.

Posted By Naveen On 09-May-09 03:44:29 PM

hii sir great pics n great car congratulations All The Best!!!
You have a nice family sir :)

Posted By praveen On 12-May-09 11:15:26 PM

congratulations sir....
new car looks coooolll...

and u r right sir.... parents even though passing away from this eternal world they are always with us, looking our needs....and feeling happy on our success... ur mom is (will be) always with u only......good day sir...

Posted By Lakshmi On 15-May-09 11:21:02 AM

Congratulations.....!!!!Sir, Ur new car is looking very nice sir.
hope u fulfil your next dreams sir.......
All the best 4 ur new life with a new car.

Posted By Nadeem On 16-May-09 10:48:39 AM

He Has a 3G HONDA City And We Have All New 4G Srikanth Sir .. Well Which is much Betta ? :-) Congrats Sir .. U wll Ewn Buy a Nxt Generation Model Of It .. Cheers !

Posted By Nagendra On 19-May-09 10:34:08 PM

Congratulations Sir!!

Posted By Srikanth Batchu On 20-May-09 10:34:13 AM

Congratulations Sir! Car is looking too good...!

Posted By Prakash On 22-May-09 01:35:01 PM

congratulations sir...

and nice pics with your family.

Posted By sagarika On 22-May-09 11:43:03 PM

hai sir , i am your student who learned java from you............Your wife is so beautiful sir...........

Posted By KIRAN On 26-May-09 04:49:45 PM

Hi! sir
Ur family members looking so smart.

Posted By Vineeth On 27-May-09 07:23:52 PM

Dear Sir
Whatever it might be your selection is as good as you.
Needless to say regarding your car which is quiet nice.
By the way I am your old Java and Java EE student.
"You are always an inspiration to many."

Posted By Sadanand Khatri On 30-May-09 09:57:37 AM

Hi Mama Ji Looking nice with family nd yup New Car also :)

Posted By nagendra On 01-Jun-09 07:22:42 PM

nice car sir

Posted By seetha On 10-Jun-09 02:39:22 AM

Congratulations Sir.Nice to see you and your Family with Nice Car.May God Bless you with more Success,Happiness and Prosperity.Our People are with us Sir Always.May your Mother bless u and feels happy for all your achievements.

Posted By jayasri On 26-Jun-09 08:38:46 PM

congratulations sir ur car is so nice.u r the one who is other name for punctualiyy i lov dat in u a lot

Posted By subrahmanyam On 24-Jul-09 10:33:42 AM

congratulation sir!! your car is very good. its looking like very good
u r the best guru of java&.net.thank u sir drive safely sir.

Posted By sushma On 25-Jul-09 04:44:28 AM

HI! Sir/Bavagaru,
happy to c u all.... Congrats for a successful life and Carrier.

Posted By sreedhar rapuru On 25-Jul-09 01:01:56 PM

Hi sir ,this is sreedhar ,your thoughts are very good and I impressed by the story
which is you have written in your site "A STORY OF ANGER".And also your family and car is nice.
I think you are contributing to poor people,and also I will fallow you, give me suggessions.

I want to give suggession that is please concentrate on your childern to grow wirh goog qalities ,why I am suggesest this means people look on erning money and not to concentrate on their children .And also please give them some good books like our treditional and cultural book "RAMAYANA,MAHABHARATHA AND BHAGAVATGITA " .

Posted By anil On 25-Jul-09 03:42:02 PM

Congratulations!! Sir!! u have bought nice car

Posted By srinivas On 25-Jul-09 04:22:38 PM

congratulations sir,
Enjoy with your family and new honda city. Ofcourse dont forget santro xing.

Posted By monika On 31-Jul-09 02:22:33 PM

Congrats...I am very happy to see u with your family...
nice car and its my fav too..

Posted By srikanth On 05-Aug-09 04:14:07 PM

Nice Car and its my favorite too..

Posted By SivaRam On 07-Aug-09 08:02:07 PM

Congrats buddy on your new car, enjoy your driving.

Posted By Emmanuel On 03-Sep-09 06:24:01 AM

Congrats man! I'm happy for you.......

Posted By vihal pawar On 10-Dec-09 11:00:25 AM

Congratulations, for the new car..................!

Happy journey to you and your family, just replied me the names of two beautiful kids.

Posted By hemanth On 14-Feb-10 04:21:48 PM

gud keep it up

Posted By Siraj On 19-Feb-10 06:15:46 PM

Hellow Sir,

Nice to c u after long time,Congrats with new car, good family photo. I am ur old student learned .Net, when i came from Dubai, i joined here in vizag, learned good subject from u, even i refer students to go attend seminars at your institute. Congrats, have great days. bye sir...!

Posted By RIDVAN ARIK On 26-Feb-10 06:58:49 PM

congratulations sir.wish u & ur family happy happy loooong drives in the new car sir.
Happy journey to you and your family, just replied me the names of two beautiful kids.

Posted By seshu On 21-Mar-10 10:57:13 PM

Sir, U r looking very handsome with ur family & car. And I feel very happy 2 hear that still u r playing cricket. Sir, I've been playing for Gowri.c.c, 'A' division team, for past two years.

Posted By sravani On 31-Jul-10 11:48:31 PM

sir im big fan of u....ur toooo handsme.....congratulationssss....ur really awsme sir...

Posted By suresh On 05-Aug-10 03:28:38 PM

you are looking so hand some even at the age of 40 sir i would like to say one thing in my life i never forget you

Posted By T.Suresh On 08-Mar-11 07:26:56 PM

Congratulations sir for ur new car..!
& u look like hero vikram sir..

Posted By venkata hemanth On 23-Jan-12 10:50:08 PM

sir... ur mom will surely bless u and take care of u ... she's in the place of god.. she's always with u ... ur car is realy cool and my fav colr is white ..
all the best sir..

Posted By getasew On 31-Oct-17 11:32:59 PM

wow, very successful man. I appreciate your efforts, Sir.