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It has been my childhood dream to become a teacher. By God's grace and support of many students I have become a teacher. I love to be a teacher. I enjoy standing in-front of students and teach them what I know. Of course I love to write code. The thought of a new program still trills me. Though I have been writing code for 18 years, still I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed in the beginning. The smell of a new book is still very dear to me. Holding a book and reading is one of the most satisfying moments for me. I read a lot of books and enjoyed all that. Though I don't read as many as I used to because of the availability of information online, I still love to read books as they provide information in a sequence and understandable manner.

Recently I have designed my room at home to accommodate the basic things I need. I basically wanted to have a book-shelf handy to me and place to keep computer with more provision to connect more than one monitor. Of course at times I want to connect laptop to my desktop, so I need space for laptop and desktop on desk at times. I designed my room with a long running table for my computer, book-shelf, pin-board, a couple of cupboards for CDs, Files etc, Wardrobe, and shoe-rack.

I have also upgraded my system with Core2Duo 2.8 with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD. Here are some of the pictures of my new room for those who are curious to know how it looks. I have gone for black and white combination for everything in room.

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Posted By madhu On 17-Apr-09 01:17:40 AM

Nice room sir

Posted By lakshmi On 17-Apr-09 07:01:27 PM

really superb...... sir that black n white combination

Posted By B.Gurunadha Rao On 18-Apr-09 09:27:48 PM

Respected Sir,
I am one of your fans,Your room is simply resembles a study environment, it also looks so rich and official.I am a regular viewer of your site since i get educated in your Instituition(Complete Java &.Net--2007-08).In fact i go through your site every now and then.

Posted By Ram kumar On 21-Apr-09 05:34:17 PM

Hai sir., Am also a great fan of u.(java web & EE 2007-08). Its Really professional looking and The combinataions and interior design is awesome.

Ram (vizag).

Posted By B.Srikanth On 21-Apr-09 05:53:55 PM

Hello sir,this is srikanth, its very nice to share even your personal things with your learning community and iam one of the persons who admire you a lot.sir please
comment on the period of recession.

Posted By Mahesh On 22-Apr-09 09:37:19 AM

Respected Sir,
I Am also a great fan of u.(your lab assistant). Your room is simply supper and professional looking.

Posted By ramaraju On 22-Apr-09 04:48:21 PM

iam your student and i realised how transparent you are both in ur profession & personal life. your taste is also professional as your carrer.

Posted By Naveen On 23-Apr-09 09:35:56 AM

u r looking cool sir n u r my favourite teacher still nw in my learning period n ur room is looking great which has nic environment that a proffessional shud have any ways pics are nice sir!!

Posted By Sairam S On 24-Apr-09 02:31:39 PM

Nice room srikanth sir...
Nice environment designed by U for the community, Bcoz in a pleasent and peacuful environment u can spend more time to study and provide dat information to ur students.....

sairam s(wipro, Hyd)

Posted By alekhya On 28-Apr-09 11:15:03 AM

hi sir..its look very pleasent.
thank u

Posted By anuradha On 01-May-09 01:51:01 PM

Very Very very nice sir,m a great fan of u.

Posted By Rajasekhar On 01-May-09 05:04:14 PM

Dear Sir,

Its really good to see your room. Thanks for sharing.

Rajasekhar Pentakota,
Software Engineer,

Posted By subrahmanyam On 02-May-09 06:59:31 AM

i am really inspired by your teaching...and learned the beauty of programming languages....u have a very good taste in choosing every thing.

Posted By subbarao On 04-May-09 05:05:05 PM

Making a House makes some times happy
Doing a Job makes some times happy
Making Books Library makes life time Happy

Posted By srinivasu namburui On 05-May-09 08:46:48 AM

its just superb sir, the way arranged your room , black and white combination of furniture is very good.

Posted By koushik On 05-May-09 01:07:22 PM

Hmmm..great sir ur room is really kewl...and i can see 2 big dumbles.....

Posted By Srikanth Batchu On 20-May-09 10:50:44 AM

Very nice room sir. I think everything is in Black & White combination. Really you differs a lot from others in way of thinking, in way of leading your life, your principles. I like you sharing all your thoughts through this site and providing a lot of information to IT professionals. Thank you sir!

Posted By vasu On 27-May-09 06:40:42 PM

room is very nice sir

Posted By ANIL DWARAPUDI On 28-May-09 05:05:40 PM

Sir your room is looking cool with that Black and White combination...
It is superb sir

Posted By srimayee On 02-Jun-09 10:05:18 AM

the best room one can have...

Posted By Pradeep On 02-Jun-09 12:27:42 PM

Hi sir,The room is simply superb......and congratulations sir.....4 getting your dream fulfilled both as a teacher and as a programmer.

Posted By taj On 05-Jun-09 07:51:00 AM

hello sir,
I am taj. i am a student of your institute. I learnt .net from you.
I am regular viewer of this site .Right now i am working in hiroshima ,japan.

Posted By ---- On 07-Jun-09 09:59:47 PM

hi Mr srikanth....... Small and humble request from my side..... please donate your brain. probably it is not good for our country to loose such a Master Brain.

Posted By subhash On 11-Jun-09 02:55:27 PM

Nice to see you after a long time.

Posted By ganesh On 25-Jun-09 09:08:51 PM

goodevening sir, iam a student of srikanthtechonologies sir it looks like very different and to be a professional i inspired by you.

Posted By sravan On 14-Jul-09 05:08:36 PM

It has been five years i have met you, but still i could not resist to see your website for any updates in it, your room looks so good, as you teach.

Posted By Jagadeesh Sadhanala On 22-Jul-09 05:59:56 PM

Hi Sir,Very Good Evening.After Long time i am writting a mail to you .Sir, some how or other I couldnt able to contact you, I wont say that iam too busy,but when i saw your website , blogs and articles in your website , i really felt very happy.I at once recollected my relation ship with you and Srikanth Technologies.Sir, by seeing these photos , i dnt know why i am very happy.And iam very glad to see you in the new room.Finally Iam thank full to you sir,Iam one of your student now working with IBM India Pvt limited,Kolkata.Thanks sir , thanks for making me happy a moment.and Also Thanks for what ever you have given in the class room.

Posted By srinivas On 25-Jul-09 04:36:43 PM

It was really nice. The information present in the books in the shelves are less than the information in your mind. The combination was also good.

Posted By fuNi On 23-Oct-09 10:19:17 PM

From long days,i've a dream to have a good computer(in the sense,faster and sophesticated).Also a nice room to keep it in.This page has brought my dream infront of me.Thanks for that sir.When i was in vizag,besides a student i was a big fan of you.And i follow you.Im very happy for being conneted with you through this website..n I must say the fact,your really looking smart,keeping the room smart..

Posted By sandeep On 13-Nov-09 12:50:10 AM

Hi Sir, I learnt J2ee in ur institute in 2005...Nice room btw, Its really nice catching up with you after so many years.....

Posted By Vishal Pawar On 12-Dec-09 10:41:27 AM

Hello Sir,
I am a regular viewer of your site.It's a nice to see you in a new room.It looks really professional.

.......................................Good day sir.

Posted By Rajesh Vassey On 26-Dec-09 07:28:02 AM

Hmmm :)
Everyone said their views..Let me give conclusions of mine...As i am one of the great mad follower and fan of Sir's, i knew few more things... :)
He is a Java Guru (.Net&Oracle too)(Books in Pic Reflect this part of life),
He is a great Music Lover(Guitar at Right top),
He loves Lord Ganesh(Idol on his CPU)and Hanuman,
He is a perfect planner of his life(Calender on his closet),
He is a Sun Certified Professional(Sun Logo Paper Bag),
He is a Good Sportsman(Dumbbells to the left corner, in fact i believe there should be a cricket bat over the corner :), as he is great cricket player...
He gets inspirations form every arc of his life and he inspires all through his way......That's Mr.Srikanth Pragada.
Whenever i think of Sir or see or talk, a smile on my face appears its a smile of Confidence that Confidence never derails it's Lovers and believers...
Love You Sir :)

Posted By ganesh On 02-Feb-10 07:04:41 PM

nice room sir

Posted By yamini On 11-Feb-10 04:43:49 PM

i have learned java in ur institute.i know u r busy with ur can u manage this vast website?how can u write all the exams?i am really amaze by seeing ur site.hats off i am working in wipro.u r inspiration to me.i will also try to do hardwork. i am sure i can't do hardwork like u in my total life time.really really really(infinite) u r great sir.once again hats off to ur knowledge and hardwork....................

Posted By irfan On 11-Mar-10 11:12:13 PM

ur room is nice sir...
gr8 choice of black n white..............

Posted By siva On 19-Mar-10 09:18:19 AM

Sir, this site is very use full for mca students.

Posted By Ravi On 31-Mar-10 02:03:05 PM

Hi sir. very nice & pleasant environment it is.

Posted By J Ramarao On 20-Apr-10 04:28:43 PM

very nice room sir....

Posted By Pavan Kumar On 02-Jun-10 02:43:14 PM

Hello sir thta room is really superb and i am a great fan of u........

Posted By Ashesh Kinjarapu On 10-Jun-10 12:56:42 AM

Nice room..Nice teaching....

Posted By Harish On 12-Nov-10 03:04:34 PM

Hai.. sir,
It is very nice & Ur taste also !

Posted By srikar On 05-Mar-11 10:10:08 PM

nice room sir

Posted By happy On 04-Jun-11 09:04:43 PM

Dear loving sir,
I want to be you... but wishing to become as Mr.Srikanth is as difficult as wishing to have another TAJ MAHAL.... Well i'm true heartdly happy to see that sweet room. Very sweet room black and white combinatin which i want to experience practically..
bye sir..

Posted By Vanaja On 11-Oct-11 10:26:51 PM

Hello Mr. Srikanth,

What a beautiful computer room. Well designed!

You are one in million teachers who enlightens student with your unique style of teaching and showering wisdom at the same time.
Your website is indeed overwhelming! It contains phenominal info of diverse topics. I really enjoy reading your blogs whenever I get a chance.

Kudos to you for all your efforts in building this site!

Last but not the least what's your health secret Sir? :-) Just a compliment: You are just amazing - "Good looking man with brains"!!!

BTB, I happened to see your Splendid Yellow bike. Its just awesome. I easily get attracted to yellow. It's my fav color. So is my convertible in US :-)

I am pretty sure I would be a frequent visitor to your site. I thoroughly enjoy being a student after a long time. I am glad I am pursuing the courses with you.

Thanks a zillion for all your help!
Lets keep in touch!
Best Regards,

Posted By venkata hemanth On 23-Jan-12 10:33:30 PM

sir.. u got a gud taste in imagination... keep rocking.. :)

Posted By shekar On 14-May-12 08:57:38 PM

sir youu rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,,,love u at peaks nd we miss ypu alot ,,,espcllyyyy your dress sense which we love alot

Posted By venkatesh On 19-Jul-12 01:51:50 PM

it's really superb room sir.......