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I am now a Sun Certified Business Component Developer For Java EE Platform 5 (SCBCD 5.0)

For the last one month or so I kept my eyes on SCBCD 5.0. I actually purchased voucher for that in Feb 2008, when I attended Sun Techdays at Hyderabad. But never got enough time to prepare for it until November. So, in the last fortnight I got handsome amount of time to prepare for the exam.

I have passed SCBCD 5.0 (which tests your knowledge of EJB 3.0 and Java Persistence API - JPA) with a score of 96%. According to my reckoning that is a good score. I got 59 questions out of 61 correct and took nearly 130 mins to complete the exam ( in the allotted 145 min).

I have taken that exam at Prometric centre Caliber Technocrats near Shankar Matam Road, Vizag. I booked for exam yesterday and took it today (18-nov-2008) at 10:30 AM.

There were a few tricky questions and the rest was not very difficult for me as I really prepared well for it. I spent several hours reading books and especially sepcs related to EJB 3.0 and JPA. Sometimes as long as 6 hours at a stretch were spent on the preparation. Overall, good amount of time was spent - around 150 hours. 

Here are the resources I have used during my preparation.

That was about my preparation.

Needless to mention,, is the best website for Java certification. For all three - SCJP 5.0, SCWCD 1.4 and SCBCD 5.0 - I have used it.

Of course a good book on SCBCD 5.0, will make the preparation process a little easier. You know the importance of SCJP 5.0 by Kathy during SCJP preparation.

That's all I had to write about my preparation.

I realized, preparing for certification, is the best way to get to the bottom of each topic and get a strong base.

I must admit that each new certification is making me more hungrier for more.

I must thank my wife, Padmaja for her role in my preparation. She just gets me rid of all concerns. A big thanks to kids - Praneeth and Pranav, for letting me concentrate. They missed me and I missed them too. Who can achieve success without sacrifices?

Yeah, now it is time to relax and enjoy the achievement.

Here is my Marksheet for SCBCD 5.0.

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Posted By Prasanth Guna On 19-Nov-08 03:00:28 PM

Congratulations sir, that's an amazing score. You just don’t stop giving your best at anything, do you? Let it be your training in different technologies (hardest part as far as I think), helping your students to clear their doubts any time round the clock or even trying ur hands on these SUN ceritifcates. Totally amazing. I am honored to get a personal mail, saying that you have cleared your SCBCD exam considering the fact that I was just a student of yours. Well anyone trained under you gains a lot more than just about the subject. Discipline, commitment, time-management, being a down-to-earth person and having that never give up attitude. Undoubtedly, you are the best trainer in Vishakhapatnam. Even if someone can come a bit close to your training (knowledge wise), it still leaves you the best for the reasons I mentioned before. As far as I am concerned, I consider myself highly privileged to be one of your students. It helped me a lot in many aspects of my life. And I am also thankful to K. Siva Krishna a friend of mine and an old student of yours who has introduced me to your training center, without which I would have ended up somewhere and would have completely missed this golden opportunity of getting trained under you.Yes, it’s time you enjoyed this yet another fabulous achievement of yours. I wanna wish you All the Best for all your future endeavors.

Posted By karthik deepak On 19-Nov-08 09:42:26 PM

Congrats sir on your achievement. I wish u success in everything you do.

Posted By Seetha On 21-Nov-08 02:11:27 AM

Hello Srikanth Sir, Congratulations for your success.This information from you make your students and others to feel highly encouraged themselves.I started my journey to learn Java from your institute and it continued in learning some more technologies from your place.Doubtless you are person with best Commitment and Punctuality.You will be in class 3 mins before the scheduled time every day so that u can start the system ,revise some points on before day class and exactly u will start the class in time u specified.Awesome sir.I learnt not only the Technology from your classes but also the way to reach things.One of the best captions in your classroom "Never Never Never Give Up" inspired me a lot in the number things i do both Professionally and Personally.I wish all the Best for your Future achievements.Thank you very much for providing the chance to express our views regarding your Success.

Posted By Naresh M On 22-Nov-08 01:22:06 AM

Congratulations sir,I am not your student but i am very much know about you I wanted to be your student.This is amazing to complete three certification in are a Had trick Hero in Java.

Posted By avinash On 23-Nov-08 03:42:36 AM

Sir,firstly congratulations on ur success in SCBCD exam.To my knowledge u have given many sun certified exams and even scores brilliantly all above 96%,But my concern is having these scores, haven't u ever applied for internships or job in SUN? And even can u give your views on open source technologies in your website.

Posted By kalesha vali On 24-Nov-08 04:21:19 PM

First of all i congrats you on your hatrick and I congrats you to your planning for the examination.I wish you all the best for your future goals.I like your quote for java"I LOVE JAVA".I wish your love towards java not only gives you success in writing certification exams but also gives inspiration to all your students to go through those exams.Thank u,thank u for providing valuable information through your website sir.bye sirOnce again I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE ATTACKS ON JAVA Sir.

Posted By shiva On 26-Nov-08 11:41:59 AM

Congratulation Sir

Posted By srikanth mycherla On 26-Nov-08 03:39:17 PM

congrats sir ...Though iam not your student ..i admire you a lot ..i had been to your scjp workshop.. I regularly visit your site which unleashes the power of programming . I wish ,you will suceed in all your endeavours are a fruit of all seasons .These certifications are just the milstones in your journey.. sir I wanna you to be SCEA ..once again hearty congratulations sir.

Posted By Rajasekhar On 28-Nov-08 11:11:05 AM


Posted By JRAMARAO On 02-Dec-08 02:50:34 PM


Posted By s sri tirupathi raju On 07-Dec-08 10:06:49 AM

hai sir Congratulations... and i wish the success will be with u

Posted By sssivasagar korukonda On 09-Dec-08 09:10:07 PM

First of all congratulations sir for ur success! sir am studying my final year..i want to get knowledge like u for that what should i do? i know something about .net and in our acdemics we have web can i imrove my knowledge in web technologies..sugest me..even am ready to join in ur institute am from gajuwaka......hope i'll get reply....byeee sir

Posted By Saurabh Anilkumar Mohabey On 10-Apr-09 02:16:00 PM

Sir congrats for excellent score.
My aim is to get nearly the same score.
Please help me out, if you find any new good book available now for SCBCD 5.0.
Yes you have proved:-"Laharo Se Darkar Navka Par Nahi Hoti Koshish Karne Walo Ki Kabhi Har Nahi Hoti"
Waiting 4 ur reply... :)

Posted By srinivas On 25-Jul-09 04:54:18 PM

i am unable to respond regarding your certifications. The difficult concepts how can you able to solve, that to scoring 96% is really amazing.
Congratulations once again....!

Posted By kamal On 09-Oct-09 08:25:40 PM

hey man, congrats.. i also appeared for this exam and acheived 100%

Posted By Prabhakar G On 17-Nov-11 06:03:24 PM

Congratulations sir...