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I am now Oracle Database SQL Expert for Oracle Database 11g

I am very glad to inform that I have just passed Oracle Database SQL Expert (1Z0-047) exam with 100% score.

I took the exam today (20-Nov,2009) at 11:00 AM at Caliber Technocrats, a Pearson VUE in Vizag.

So, I have added one more certification to existing list of Java Certifications:

Exam Content

Oracle Database SQL Expert is an exam that tests your skills of SQL in Oracle. The following are the areas that it tests. The exam contains 70 questions and you have 120 min. You have to get 66% to pass.

My Preparation

I used Oracle Database 11g SQL by Jason Price, Oracle Documentation and Oracle SQL Course Material I and II.

I went through whatever questions I could get from internet. Understand not the answer for the question, but understanding why the answer is right or wrong is very important. After all, the exam was not about remembering things but knowing things.

Score Sheet

The score sheet doesn’t contain any details but the score 100%. It would give details of questions that are answered incorrectly, but fortunately I don’t have anything in that area.

Here is my Score Sheet.

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Posted By sudha On 20-Nov-09 09:30:33 PM

congratulations sir,achieving 100% is really great sir.

Posted By Santosh On 20-Nov-09 11:59:51 PM

Hi Sir, Congratulations. This is santosh from ur current oracle batch. I am really happy for you to score 100%. I hope you add more certifications to your list. I am really proud of me for getting trained by you.

Posted By Nivya On 21-Nov-09 02:59:58 PM

Congratulations Sir,really you are ounstanding...

Posted By chanakya On 21-Nov-09 03:41:57 PM

congratulations sir for passing Oracle Database SQL Expert (1Z0-047) exam with 100% score.I am really proud of me for getting trained by you.Sir now i think u had added another certification in your collection.

Posted By sagar On 22-Nov-09 08:15:21 PM

Sir, you finally reached the 3-digit score...i really appreciate your commitment.... don't have any words to express my feeling...i do believe preparation for any Certification Exam is the best way of learning and mastering the subject....

Posted By Naidu On 24-Nov-09 11:19:12 AM

cogratulations sir

Posted By avinash.p On 24-Nov-09 02:55:31 PM

Congrats sir...
the projects u r updating in the website are really helpful

Posted By Naveen On 24-Nov-09 11:35:18 PM

Congratulations Sir :)

Posted By Chowhan On 25-Nov-09 07:16:48 AM

Sir it was a very good news from this block i learn some new books title regarding SQL and some new topic that i never heard yet ok any how i hearty congrats you sir.

Posted By Gowri On 25-Nov-09 04:20:28 PM

Congrats sir
u r real example to discipline,hardwork and energy.

Posted By sunita On 03-Dec-09 01:51:27 PM

Congratulation Sir,got fresh inspiration from you.

Posted By P.S.S.Manikantesh On 07-Dec-09 08:06:55 PM

Congratulations Sir, We are glad to hear that news. Achieving 100% is really tough sir. I hope you will continue with many more certificates like this. I wish you good luck sir..I am your JAVA SE student

Posted By kiran On 10-Dec-09 10:27:42 AM

Congratulation sir, excelent.. keep it up..

Posted By Yuva Kishore On 10-Dec-09 03:15:31 PM

Congratulations sir...

Posted By Vishal Pawar On 11-Dec-09 12:27:51 PM

Congratulation sir,
It's really nice to see that.Your every success is boosting me. Keep it continually.

Posted By Radha On 22-Dec-09 07:21:24 AM

Congratulations Sir!!

Posted By Rajesh Vassey On 26-Dec-09 07:03:34 AM

Hi Sir,
Congratulations for your another success story.
You are a Complete Man.

Posted By sivagopal On 21-Jan-10 08:08:19 PM

congratulations on your achievement Srikanth sir, I have a small doubt which is in my mind since a long time..."some times group by clause will cause performance issues and the experts suggest to write nested queries, if you need to apply group by on non key attributes", please let me know how the things will work out...what kind of performance improvements can we get..

Posted By Janardhan On 23-Jan-10 04:27:15 PM

Congratulations sir

Posted By VENKAT On 28-Jan-10 08:36:26 PM

Congratulation Sir,got fresh inspiration from you.
sir i request u could i come to listen Java(WEB)
this is last chance for my career

Posted By satish On 01-Feb-10 02:33:52 PM

congratulations sir.......may i know the exam fee for sql

Posted By Sairam On 01-Feb-10 06:28:57 PM

Hi Srikanth,
It is good that you did 4 certification in a row of 4 years, Gr8 achievement when a small thought(From a student of you) come into action...

Could you please share the materials for me to complete the exam.

Posted By N R Abhishek On 12-Feb-10 04:07:37 PM

Hi Sir,
Congrats! For adding one more feather to your cap!
Can u just provide me with more details regarding how to apply for it and exam fee.

Posted By upendra On 15-May-10 06:52:18 PM

congratulations sir,you r the inspiration to me.....

Posted By K.Samson On 17-Jan-11 06:36:12 PM

congratulations sir.

Posted By Srikanth On 29-Apr-11 06:34:10 PM

Hi sir congratulations...
Just now I've seen your site.Thank you very much for posting valuable information regarding Oracle,Java, .Net and specially for Oracle.Now onwards I do visit your site blogs. Thank you

Posted By vinay dwivedi On 06-Jun-12 09:31:50 AM

Congrates Sir, You are superb in all technologies.

Posted By soundarya On 03-Nov-12 07:19:19 PM

congratulation sir.

Posted By Shital On 05-Apr-14 06:41:16 PM

Please share IZO-144 dump if you are having on

Posted By praveen.nagasuri On 24-Jul-14 11:01:16 AM

Good morning Sir I want to join sql can i know when it will be started and need the details about sql server

Posted By amit On 23-Jul-15 02:48:48 PM