Srikanth Technologies

What I learned in the last 6 years!

Every IT pro has to constantly learn new things to be relevant and embrace current trends. I am no exception and more so as I have to teach next generation programmers, I have to be always on cutting edge.

I am listing what I learned in the last 6 years just to remind my students that they go to be students for life-time. So, develop attitude to learn and enjoy learning. Every time you learn something new, it will elevate your self-esteem and makes you feel better and more proud of yourself.

I was especially mesmerized by AWS and the way cloud is providing so many wonderful services which would be otherwise a humongous task for any company.

The above are broadly the new topics that I picked up. In addition to all the above, I had to upgrade my knowledge of Java and Python every now and then.

Only time will tell me what else I will learn in the coming 5 years or so.