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Online Course - C Language For Beginners - at Udemy.Com

I published an online course titled - C Language for beginners at

This course is carefully designed to teach all programming concepts through C Language to beginners of programming. The goal of the course is to teach how to write programs through C Language.

This course contains 13 lessons covering all areas of C Language.

All these lessons (videos) and other resources are available to you for lifetime when you purchase this course.

In this course, I used more than 50 programs to explain the concepts of programming in various areas like Loops, Arrays, User-defined functions, Pointers, Structures and Files.

There are more than 50 exercises and solutions to all exercises are provided here.

This course would be of great help even to those who know C Language but would like to revise concepts of programming in general.

You can avail special discount by using coupon STALUM640 so that you get this course for just 640 INR. Please note that we have only limited coupons, so hurry if you are interested.