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P.Srikanth is the director of Srikanth Technologies, a software training company. Srikanth conducts training on .NET and Java technologies. He is webmaster of this site and writes the entire content of this site. This website is meant to provide articles, programs, projects etc. to learning community.

He holds the following certifications:

Sun Certified Java Programmer Sun Certified Web Component Developer Sun Certified Business Component Developer Oracle Database SQL Expert for Oracle Database 11g Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) for Web Applications Development With .NET Framework 4

Batch Schedule
CourseTimingSt. DateNo. Classes
Oracle Database 12c5:00-6:00 PM5-Aug40
Java SE 8.07:00-8:00 AM26-Aug40
Java EE 7.07:00-8:30 PM2-Sep35
Java SE 8.06:00-7:00 PM12-Sep40

What's New In This Website?
"In my B.tech 3rd year I joined for J2EE course.Now Iam working as a Software Engineer @ Persistent.Even today I refer to your site and you are my inspirational teacher.My life has changed a lot after learning Java from you.Thanks a lot."
- s.anandkumar.89@gmail.com

Comment On Blog - Are you using or abusing resources?
"I remember that u discussed the same point in the class. Its inspiring...thank you for sharing with us...I didn't forget the line till now i.e. life begins after college ends...its true sir... now i am experiencing..."
- lokeshpaluri@gmail.com

"i think discipline is required to achieve anything.and sir,u r the best example for that,and above all..ur enthu for teaching."
- ephemeral2k@yahoo.co.in

Comment On Blog - No job, No prospects, A lot of free time – What to do?
"Sir, I am feeling nervous, that i can't achieve job. At that time i thought to post you a mail regarding my problem. i opened your site, in blog i saw your article, after reading it , it gave me lot of confidence, saying that one day will be mine, get ready for that day. Thank you very much for posting good article. i love you so much sir,your are my inspiration to reach my target.iam your student from 1999.....2009........"
- damodar515@yahoo.co.in

Comment On Blog - Are you using or abusing resources?
"Another eye-opening article from you sir. 'Its not what you have but what you do with that matters the most' I liked this statement. Thank you very much for sharing such valuable information with all of us. I will keep them in my mind."
- ar.manikumar88@gmail.com

"I hope you are doing great. I am your x-student for Java, J2EE courses held in year 2004. I am working for United Health Care, leading insurance company in United States in it's IT department. During a recent re-org, I have been moved to a oracle team. So I was looking for basic oracle and plsql tutorials in google and this site came along. I felt very happy to see it. From last few days, I was going through the oracle pdf that you have shared in the site in my free times. It's very simple and useful. Thanks for that. I have also seen some of your blogs/photos. You look just like how were when I have seen you last. And after reading your blogs and the way you are maintaining site, I can again say, You are always a well organised man. Great work. Regards, Krishnapriya Rayala."
- krishnapriya.rayala@gmail.com

Comment On Blog - 13 years
"Congratulations,Sir for completing 13 successful years. But,I think I should say 'THANK YOU' rather than 'Congratulations'. Thank you for starting a training institution,Sir. Thank you for sharing your hard earned knowledge. Thank you for the inspiration,motivation,support and warmth you give to us. Thank you,Sir !!! You the best software trainer any student could ask for."
- charanswathi@gmail.com

Comment On Blog - 13 years
"Dear Srikanth sir ,first let me tell a very big 'THANK YOU ' to you,to have an opportunity of having a big brand image like ' I AM A SRIKANTH SIR'S STUDENT. I have recently finished java at you sir,apart from the course the things that can learn from you are more and many more,but mention a few are the commitement,the punctuality,the quality,the personality...we can't find anywhere else.as a student of B.E.,M.B.A an an employee of 8 yrs experience i never come across such a kind of personality.really we are blessed. finally Congratulations to you and the entire staff for your dedicated and thoughtful work in reaching this milestone, I sincerely hope that the institute will cross many such milestones.thank u for giving me an oppurtunity to express."
- rummyramsh@gmail.com

Comment On Blog - 13 years
"Really great..And I strongly believe that today I am able to post this comment from my office cabin because once upon a time I was his student.I would like to Congratulate Srikanth Sir with all my heart:)"
- sadu_kumar@persistent.co.in

Comment on Blog - Languages
"Nice to read everything abt u.Iam a student of urs...ur hardwork and dedication really inspires us.......you have motivated me to improve my technical skills. Thanks for ur guidance."
- gamanasaveena@gmail.com

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