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Srikanth Pragada is the director of Srikanth Technologies, a software training company. Srikanth conducts training on C, Oracle, MS.NET, Android, Java and Web Technologies. He is webmaster of this site and writes the entire content of this site. This website is meant to provide his blog, programs, FAQs, projects etc. to learning community.

Sun Certified Java Programmer Sun Certified Web Component Developer Sun Certified Business Component Developer Oracle Database SQL Expert for Oracle Database 11g Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) for Web Applications Development With .NET Framework 4

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CourseTimingsStart DateEnd DateNo. of Classes
Angular 2 (Classroom and Online)07:00-09:00 AM05-MAY11-MAY5
Microsoft.Net (Classroom and Online)10:00-11:30 AM05-MAY15-JUN36
C Language04:00-05:00 PM05-MAY14-JUN35
Oracle Database 12c05:00-06:00 PM05-MAY20-JUN40
Java SE 8.006:00-07:00 PM05-MAY20-JUN40
Java EE 7.0 (Classroom and Online)07:00-08:00 PM05-MAY20-JUN40
Android Programming (Classroom and Online)08:00-09:00 PM05-MAY20-JUN40
Java SE 8.0 (Classroom and Online)07:00-08:30 AM12-MAY12-JUN28
Java EE 7.0 (Classroom and Online)08:30-10:00 AM12-MAY12-JUN28

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